New group for amateurs and future pianists!

Are you a pianist and you would love to master your dream pieces without pain and frustration?

Join our free coaching group, where you'll meet other aspiring pianists, who are on the exact same journey as you are and who support each other.

We are permanently answering your questions, give massive value and discuss the best piano strategies, which will help you to become more successful with the piano, we discuss technique & performance anxiety - and we have lots of fun...

Caution: This group is NOT for everyone!

  • You must have a piano or plan on buying a piano in the near future...
  • You have to really desire mastering the piano without pain and frustration...
  • You must be open minded and bring positive energy with you! 
  • You have to contribute to the group actively! If you just want to have a look every now and then, to see which "new things are out there", this group is not for you...

If that's you,

then please click on the button below now!

I am looking forward to entering exciting discussions with you soon!

- Aaron -

Aaron Pilsan

Concert Pianist